Common Plumbing Warning Signs

Just like most electrical appliances, plumbing defects show warning signs, however, unlike these gadgets, these signs could be subtle, easily overlooked and judged to be minor.

This article highlights classical plumbing warning signs, which could prevent a catastrophic fallout when identified.

Unpleasant Smell Emanating From Drains


While bad odor looks fairly normal due to bacteria growth, when it becomes unbearable, it could be a result of a plumbing defect.

If the odor is stronger from the kitchen sink, the correct assumption would be that there’s a build-up of food wastes in the drainage, if it is a rotten egg smell, then there could be a vent blockage, leading to the backup of sewer gas, however, if the smell is from all drains and an appreciable amount of clogging is experienced, then there could have been some damage to the sewer line.

Odd Sounds From Faucets Or Water Heater Tank


Screeching sounds from faucets and pipes usually indicate the presence of air. This means that the concern is with the bleed-off system. In addition, if a popping sound is heard from the water heater, it means there is a buildup of mineral deposits and sediments at the bottom of the tank, where the heating element is situated and the bubbles escaping from the layer of sediment during heating are responsible for the popping sound.

Reduced Water Pressure


This is evidenced by a reduction in the flow of water from outlets. If the reduced flow is at just one location, then the prognosis is good. However, if there is a considerable drop in the flow rate across many faucets, it indicates a plumbing defect of serious concern.

Visible Corrosion On Fittings And Valves


Corrosion could be caused by a variety of factors that could be external or self-inflicted. Reduced water pH levels could expose the pipes to corrosion and leaks, increased oxygen levels degrade metal pipes by encouraging rust while persistent use of chemical drain cleaners could cause corrosion and in turn affect the integrity of the pipes. Corroded pipes are evidence of severe plumbing concerns and could lead to fatal consequences.

Slow Drains


Slow draining often points to pipe blockage. This blockage could be caused by anything, ranging from debris to flushable wipes and other toilet accessories, the build-up of which could constitute a clog and cause a resultant backflow of unwanted substances into the house.

Stains, Damaged Walls, Peeling Wallpaper And Paints In Rooms


Brown stains on the walls and ceilings coupled with peeling wallpapers and paints are telltale signs of leaking pipes and accumulating water. At this stage, the leaking is severe and requires urgent attention.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks are the most difficult to spot. Oftentimes, they are confirmed by the water meter, when there is an obvious increase in reading, despite decreased intentional water use. Alternatively, a spike in water bills almost always proves a situation of insensible water, requiring urgent attention. These can be detected by doing a leak detection service.


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