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What Not To Do When Clearing a Blocked Drain

There’s One Thing No One Should Do When Cleaning a Blocked Drain

There are specific times of year that blocked drains seem to happen more often than others. However, they are a pretty common occurrence overall. That is why it is so important that homeowners have their drains professionally cleaned regularly. Professional drain cleaning keeps the piping system clear so when big storms roll through, debris is less likely to get caught on something and cause a blockage. It also ensures that any toilet paper or other household object isn’t causing a blockage either. 

There are two different ways that professionals will usually do to clean out the pipes. There is a chance the professional will want to utilize both methods to make sure the pipes get as clear as possible. However, there is also one cleaning method that homeowners can do independently, but professionals highly encourage homeowners not to do it. Continue reading to learn more!

Do: Snaking snaking

Snaking is often the first thing plumbers try when cleaning out plumbing pipes. That is unless they know the clogs are deeper within the system. If the clogs are near toilet drains, plumbers can use the snake tool to remove the clog. 

They have to remove the toilet from the floor and stick the tool down the drain. Snake tools can go down several feet and remove the clog in a twisting motion to effectively remove it. 

Snaking is a quick and effective method for cleaning pipes but proves ineffective if the system is too clogged or the clogs are too far down. 

Do: Hydro-Jetting hydrojetting

When snaking won’t do the trick, professional plumbers rely on hydro-jetting to get the job done. Hydro-jetting ensures that all clogs, big and small, are removed from the piping system. It is a process where the plumber sticks a hose into the piping system, and it forces water throughout the system at approximately 35,000 psi. 

At this force, clogs don’t stand a chance. Hydro-jetting has several benefits, including: 

  • It is economically and environmentally friendly 
  • Removes all clogs and even tree roots from pipes
  • Actually cleans the pipes in the process of removing clogs
  • It is a powerful method
  • Prevents surprise clogs
  • Removes odors within the home

Don’t: Chemical Drain Cleaners

Contrary to what advertisements want people to believe, chemical drain cleaners are some of the worst things homeowners can use on their piping system. It is widely believed that these chemical cleaners are a quick and easy way to clear blockages in the piping system, but the damage they cause in the process isn’t worth the “quick clean.” 

Chemical cleaners end up causing a reaction in the piping system that makes the solution extremely hot. It can eat holes through the piping system in the process, which leaves the homeowner with leaky pipes that will need to be replaced. 

It is better for everyone involved if homeowners call a trusted professional to clean their pipes at least once a year. This will keep the pipes clear, and the homeowners won’t feel like they have to buy chemical cleaners. 

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