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The Amazing Women Who Helped Shape the Plumbing Industry

Learn About Women in the Plumbing Industry to Celebrate Women’s History Month

The plumbing industry is not one most people associate with women. And while it’s true that it’s still a fairly male-dominated industry, women have been impacting it in many different ways for many decades. The female contributions to plumbing could be considered significantly outsized compared to the numbers of women plumbers. So to celebrate Women’s History Month, this article will break down some of the most impactful women throughout the history of American plumbing. 

Women in Plumbing Today plumbing

Today’s plumbing industry is much different from fifty years ago — or even five years ago. The industry is not going anywhere anytime soon, and more women are becoming involved, getting jobs as pipefitters, plumbers, pipelayers, and steamfitters. There are many wildly successful women-owned plumbing companies. 

And probably ten times as many that would fall apart without the support of female employees. According to some estimates, the number of women working in the plumbing industry went up by 70% in only one year. This trend is likely to continue as gender stereotypes continue to be knocked down by women across all traditionally male-dominated industries!

The Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers

What was at first a social club designed to hold plumbers’ wives’ attention during conferences quickly turned into something so much more. The Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Plumbers had become a vehicle for activism even before women had the right to vote. The committee women transformed their social club into a powerful force for societal change, even supporting the Family and Medical Leave act. They supported efforts in labor, sanitation, and the environment. 

The Ladies Auxiliary is still around today as part of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Auxiliary. And they still help mobilize and push for positive change. They also help support students looking to get into the trade with scholarships. 

lillian The Amazing Lillian Ann Baumbach

Lillian Ann Baumbach is a name that every woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry should know. She was the first to break through the gender barrier in the plumbing industry, and she became a paragon of hope for women all around the country and the world. She was the first woman to become a master plumber — and she did it in the 1950s!

Lillian Ann Baumbach learned about the plumbing industry at an early age thanks to her father, a plumber. She took a shine to the business as early as six-years-old, and her interest and contribution grew from there. Her story and beauty enthralled people worldwide, and it’s said that she was a pen pal to over 250 men who wrote to her after seeing her interviews and reading the news stories. She showed a whole generation of women that they could make inroads into industries previously considered closed to them. She did what she loved and showed others that they could, too!

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