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Stop Busted Dishwashers From Ruining Your Summer Cookout Fun!

A Broken Dishwasher Could Mean Missing Out on Backyard Fun

When summertime hits, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is washing dishes inside. That’s where the dishwasher comes in! But what happens when the dishwasher stops working? Then someone gets landed indoors, missing out on the fun. Instead of letting dishwasher problems ruin time better spent outside in the sun, discover common kitchen problems and solutions!

Common Dishwasher Problems dishwasher

Like any plumbing fixture, dishwashers can develop issues over time and use. 
  • Leaking: There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find a puddle of water outside the dishwasher. Leaking is a common problem with dishwashers, particularly as they age. The leak itself may originate from a leaking water supply, clog, or even a loose gasket.
  • Clogged Filter: Dishwashers generally have a filter installed in the bottom of the tub to prevent food particles and debris from entering the unit’s drain. These become clogged with chunks of food and scraps over time and regularly need cleaning to avoid problems with the dishwasher.
  • Puddled Water in the Basin: If a dishwasher is not draining water properly, it may be due to a clogged filter or issues with the water inlet valve, which controls water flow into the unit. 
  • Spotty Dishes: Hard water leaves dishes stained and cloudy, regardless of how much soap or rinse aid is used in a dishwasher. If dishes come out coated in chalky spots, the water supply likely has excessive mineral deposits in it.

Professional Plumbers Can Solve Dishwasher Problems plumber

Plumbers handle dishwasher problems every day! Their job is to protect and maintain the plumbing system, and the dishwasher is an extension of that system. How can a professional plumber help with dishwasher problems? It depends on the situation.

  • Leaking Fixes: Dishwashers have a lot of parts and pieces that contribute to their functioning. Plumbers locate the source of a leak by investigating the water supply line from the sink, the sink plumbing itself, and the unit’s gaskets. Once the leak source is detected, the plumber fixes the issue by repairing the line, pipe, or gasket causing the problem.
  • Clogged Filter Fixes: Sometimes, homeowners are unaware of how to change a filter. If a dishwasher is malfunctioning, a plumber can quickly diagnose a clogged filter and show the homeowner how to clean it for future reference. 
  • Puddled Water Fixes: The dishwasher inlet valve has a screen to filter out minerals and protect it from debris, but that filter needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it working right. A clogged inlet valve leads to water flow issues for the unit. A plumber can clean and replace any valve parts to keep the unit’s water supply in good form.
  • Spotty Dishes Fixes: Hard water plagues millions of homes in the USA. Hard water is known to destroy pipes and plumbing fixtures over time. The best way to stop hard water from damaging dishes and the dishwasher itself is to have a water softener or water treatment system installed by a professional plumber.

Prevent Future Issues With Dishwasher Maintenance

It’s essential to keep up with dishwasher maintenance to prevent any problems from springing up. Homeowners should clean their dishwasher filters at least once a month. Additionally, be sure to have a plumber inspect the dishwasher once a year for any pipe or water line issues - Plumbers can usually do this during an annual plumbing inspection! 

Finally, run the dishwasher through a cleaning cycle once a month to help it clean out any buildup that has developed over the month. There’s more to dishwasher repairs and maintenance than pouring dishwasher cleaner into the unit. Whenever dishwasher problems arise, give a professional plumber a call! 

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