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Remember the Plumbers at Thanksgiving

Reasons to Be Thankful for Plumbers During the Holidays

In modern society, it is easy to take certain things for granted. Plumbing is so ubiquitous that many people can’t fathom living without fresh water and sanitation. However, plumbing infrastructure is one of the most important human advancements of the last few centuries. It’s funny to think that the first observers of Thanksgiving, whether considering the Pilgrims or people living in 1863 when Thanksgiving was first recognized as a holiday, didn’t live in a world with plumbing. 

This Thanksgiving, take a moment and learn what they say should be appreciated about their trade from a local plumber. 

Emergency Clogged Toilet Repair toilet

It may sound off-putting, but civilization didn’t begin to win the battle against dangerous pathogens until public sanitation became normal. Sanitation has been present in every major civilization for thousands of years, only perfecting the flushing toilet. Today, people can be thankful that instead of dealing with crippling and deadly diseases, they only have to deal with clogged toilets on occasion. 

That said, there are few things as stressful as dealing with a clogged toilet. One of the things we have to tank plumbers for is being ready to relieve their customers of their clogged toilet woes. Most plumbers even provide emergency service to fix clogged toilets no matter the day or the time. 

Water Heater Repair and Installation water heater

For over 2,000 years, people have recognized the value of a hot bath. Millenia ago, Romans used slave labor to stoke the fires in their bathhouses. Now, everyone enjoys hot water on demand for washing and bathing. 

Plumbers routinely perform water heater installations and repairs to keep the hot water flowing. For those who have ever lost hot water while showering, one cannot understate the value of a plumber. For those looking for extra reliability with their water heaters, consider tankless water heater installation for endless hot water, and be sure to thank the plumbers that made it all possible. 

Sewer Line Repair and Services

Without a sewer line, a toilet is useless. While the toilet is the star of the show since it’s the only sewer appliance that people interact with, the sewer line is what makes it all happen. A sewer line connects all of the drains from sinks and tubs around the home and carries waste to the municipal sewer system. This contributes greatly to public health by preventing people from being exposed to the dangerous pathogens present in wastewater. A plumber keeps homes safe by making sure sewer lines stay clean and flowing. 

Sewer line installation is one of the most important aspects of plumbing. Making sure sewer lines are installed according to code is a scientific process that plumbers carry out every day. This year, remember this and be thankful that sanitation technology has come so far and that there are professionals that ensure the technology is perfectly implemented. 

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