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It's Spring, and the Time Is Here for Drain Cleaning

Remember To Add Draining Cleaning To This Year’s Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring is a time for cleaning the dust off of bookshelves, vacuuming those places that don’t often get vacuumed, and scrubbing those overlooked corners of the house. But one often overlooked area of the house during spring cleaning is the plumbing—namely, the drains. 

Kitchen and bathroom sink drains, shower drains, toilet drains, and even outdoor drains can benefit from cleaning once or twice a year. Read on to discover why professional drain cleaning should be on every homeowner’s spring cleaning checklist. 

Why Drain Cleaning Is Imperative drain

Everyone has experienced a clogged drain at some point. Whether a clog causes water to drain slower than normal or prevents any water or waste from leaving the home at all, the answer is the same: time to get the drains cleaned. Unfortunately, when most people think about drain cleaning, they think about a chemical they pour down the drain that takes care of the problem. While this is sometimes fine, these chemicals can be detrimental to the drains and the environment. 

With professional drain cleaning methods, homeowners don’t have to worry about their pipes degrading or the damage they’re doing to the environment. Plus, scheduling drain cleaning for springtime is a great way to prevent clogs and protect the integrity of the plumbing system. It’s one of the best ways to keep the plumbing system healthy and to avoid expensive repairs. 


How Professionals Clean Drains

There are a few different ways that professionals clean drains. It depends on the plumber, the type of drain, and whether there’s a tough clog or not. One common drain cleaning tactic is the use of a plumber’s snake. Many homeowners are familiar with this tool, as they’re available at the local home improvement store. The only issue is that a plumber’s snake can damage certain pipes and doesn’t always thoroughly clean the pipe. 

The safest and most effective way to clean drains is by hydro-jetting. This is the use of a high-pressure water stream shot down the drain to clean any clogs. Since it’s just water, homeowners don’t have to worry about damage to the pipes or any unintended harm to the environment. 

Keeping Drains Clean and Clear Between Pro Cleanings

Although most people don’t have issues with their drains when they’re cleaned once or twice a year, there are a couple of good ways to ensure clean drains between pro cleanings. One simple solution is to use hot water down the drain. This can clear minor clogs and help clean the drain out. 

Another good way to keep drains clean and clear is to use vinegar and baking soda. The reaction of the two, which everyone is familiar with from grade school science class, can help clear tougher clogs that hot water can’t clear independently. For tougher clogs, homeowners can use baking soda and vinegar, then use hot water after a few minutes to clear everything out. 

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