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Get Rid of All Spooky Plumbing Noises

Never Ignore These Plumbing Spooky Noises 

October is a spooky time for everyone and probably more so for homeowners. Facing problems around the house can be spooky and leave homeowners feeling scared and alone. Plumbing problems manifesting in creepy noises can be too much for the average homeowner to handle. 

The sounds in the wall represent rising plumbing problems. These sounds can be scary and act as an alarm that something needs to be done quickly. This article is a quick guide to several haunting plumbing noises. Local water line services contractors are here to offer guidance about how to deal with them. 

The Mysterious Humming Noises at Night

The first noise on the list is very unsettling. Pipes that hum can sound like someone - or something - moaning in the walls. Humming water is caused by water that is flowing through pipes at a high pressure. Under normal circumstances, water pressure is regulated by a special device at the water meter. Over time, these devices can fail and allow pressure to build up inside of pipes. As water flows through the pipes, they vibrate and create a humming noise. 

The danger of humming noises and high water pressure is flooding. Fixtures and valves are only designed to handle pressure in a certain range. When this range is exceeded, they can fail and allow water to rush out. Professional plumbers should be sought out when humming is noticed in piping. 

Wind Whistling Noises In the Pipe pipe

Whistling is the second spooky noise on the list. Whistling pipes can be quiet, or they can be unmistakably loud. The whistling noise is likely to start quietly and slowly grow louder and louder over time. This is due to how the whistling noise is created at flow restrictions within the pipe. Flow restrictions can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:
  • Scale buildup inside the pipe from hard water or corrosion
  • Broken valves or valves that aren’t fully open
  • Improperly sized pipe
  • Poor workmanship in pipe repairs

To cast out the source of the haunting whistling, a plumber will be necessary. Depending on the severity of the flow restriction, a plumber may recommend a repiping of the home. In some cases, installing a water softener can remove the scale from the inside of pipes and restore lost water pressure. Additionally, it will be necessary to replace faulty valves or fixtures that are the source of the whistling. 

Water Pressure Problems And Water Hammering

The final sound on the list is likely the most frightening. The sudden closure of a valve causes a noise called water hammer. In our homes, the source can be the washing machine or a faucet. The sudden turn-off in the water supply causes the water to bump, creating a spike in water pressure. In this way, the water pressure spike causes loud banging noises. It occurs through pipe vibration when the pressure hits the wall. Water hammer is really frightening as it can cause the pipe to burst, leading to flooding.

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