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3 Patriotic Plumbing Facts Perfect for Independence Day

How Many of These Wacky (But True) Facts Do Homeowners Know?

Indoor plumbing is something that most people take for granted in today’s world, especially the younger generation. Everyone alive on earth has had indoor plumbing their entire lives. It’s easy to take for granted because it’s always been there. However, there are so many things that the typical homeowner doesn’t know about their plumbing system. There’s an entire plumbing history that most people are unaware of.

Below are a few of the fun facts about plumbing that most people don’t know. Continue reading to see how many of these wacky facts are common knowledge and how many of them come as a surprise.


Plumbing Firsts in American History

Before indoor plumbing was commonly found in homes, Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857. He made his aloe-infused moistened towelettes from manilla hemp, and he guaranteed they would prevent hemorrhoids. 

Located at the corner of Tremont and Beacon Streets in Boston, the Tremont House was the first hotel with indoor plumbing around 1895. The included eight toilets on the ground floor, bathing rooms in the basement, and running water to the kitchen and laundry areas. 

Another American first, Millard Fillmore, was the first president to have flushing toilets installed in The White House in 1853. Although, the first official bathroom wasn’t installed until his successor, Franklin Pierce

Facts About Toilets toilet

Pinpointing who was the first to invent the toilet is a debate that has gone on for decades. However, the first person to patent their invention was Alexander Cumming. This is just the first toilet fact in the exciting world of plumbing. 
Here are a few more fascinating facts about toilets: 

  • Toilets used an average of seven gallons of water every time they’re flushed
  • Some different names for toilets and bathrooms include water closet, john, privy, potty, powder room, washroom, khazi, throne room, and more
  • There are more TVs in Afghanistan than there are toilets
  • King George II died falling off a toilet in 1760
  • The Chinese built public toilets for dogs
  • Originally, the word toilet meant “The act of washing, dressing, or preparing oneself”

Other Crazy Plumbing Facts

Those aren’t all the fascinating facts involved in the plumbing world, though. Here are a few more fun facts about plumbing that homeowners most likely aren’t even aware of:

  • NASA invested more than $20 million for a suction-style toilet in the space station 
  • More than 7 million people have dropped their phones in a toilet before
  • 75% of people place their toilet paper on the roll so the paper rolls on top of the roll rather than the bottom
  • The average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year and spends an average of three hours on the toilet throughout the entirety of their life
  • Only 5% of people wash their hands for 15 seconds after using the bathroom 

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