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3 Easy Ways To Improve Plumbing This Year

Eliminate Worries With These 3 Plumbing Tips

New Year's resolutions don't have to just be about working out more or eating better. Homeowners can and should make resolutions for their plumbing systems as well! There are three things every homeowner can do this year to help keep their plumbing system working efficiently all year long. Doing these things will even help save the homeowner money as the year goes on. Whether it's regular plumbing maintenance, drain cleaning, or water leak repair, these three tips can help save the plumbing system and reduce the number of plumbing emergencies the homeowner experiences throughout the year. 

Continue reading to learn more about when it's time for water leak repair and when to schedule a drain cleaning. 

Pay Attention To What Gets Flushed toilet

The bigger the family, the harder this is to pay attention to, but watching what goes down the toilet drain is one of the easiest ways to improve the plumbing system's health. One should never flush certain things down the toilet. 

Some of the things that should never make it down the toilet drain are: 

  • Feminine care products
  • Batteries
  • Wet wipes
  • Kids' toys
  • Food
  • Wrappers and other trash

Family members should even watch how much toilet paper they flush because this could also potentially cause problems. 

These Signs Point To a Water Leak

Water leaks are relatively common for plumbing systems, so homeowners should know how to spot them. The sooner a homeowner spots a water leak, the quicker it can get fixed and the easier it is to fix. When a water leak goes undetected, it can cause all sorts of damage to the plumbing system, but the water damage could cause problems from the house cosmetically as well. 

Homeowners could even experience mold growth in areas they aren't aware of, leading to health issues for those within the home. 

Some common signs of a water leak include: 

  • Wet floors and walls
  • A significantly higher water bill
  • A jump in the water bill
  • Bad smells near drains and in the bathroom
  • Cracks in the wall
  • The sound of running or dripping water

calendar Remember To Schedule Regular Drain Cleanings

This year, the third easy way to improve the plumbing system is to begin regular drain cleanings. Professional drain cleanings are something homeowners can have done once a year and see tons of benefits that save them money in the end. The cleaner the drains and piping system, the less stress the plumbing system takes. In turn, there are fewer breakdowns and water damage to the home. Not to mention the plumbing system, in general, will last longer when it's taken care of. 

Set a yearly or bi-yearly reminder to have the drains professionally cleaned starting this year! Homeowners definitely won't regret it! 

AM PM Plumbing Is Always There To Help

AM PM Plumbing works around the clock to keep the Murrieta, CA homeowners safe. They also provide emergency services because they know how important it is to have a team of plumbers nearby when something goes wrong. They have all kinds of special deals on their website as well. Check them out today for drain cleaning!