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4 Key Signs That Your Water Heater Is Ready to Go

Though a water heater is made to last upwards of a decade or more, no water heater is designed to last forever. But you don't have to wait till your water heater absolutely conks out to get it replaced. You can get the jump on that process by knowing some of the common signs that your water heater is about ready to go.

water heater replacement

Your Water Is Lukewarm or Even Cold

Your water heater has one job: to heat your water. If your water heater fails to do that job, then like anything else that fails to do its job, it needs to go. The moment your water heater fails to produce sufficiently heated water, call your plumber for a replacement.

Your Water Is Murky

Maybe your water is as warm as you need it to be, but what if that water is murky and gross? Then your water heater has accumulated too much sediment, and it's about ready to give the plumber a call for a replacement -- especially if that sediment is becoming more and more prominent.

Your Water Heater Is Rusting or Corroding

Not all of your water heater's problems become evident only by running the water. They can also be evident by looking at the water heater's body. If your water heater sports rust, corrosion, and general decomposition, it needs to go ASAP.

Your Water Heater Is Approaching Its Projected Lifespan

As mentioned above, all water heaters have a life expectancy. As your water heater approaches its life expectancy, you can expect to experience the aforementioned issues and, ultimately, total water heater failure. You can avoid that frustrating surprise by keeping up with your unit's age, however.

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