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Common Reasons Why Your Drains Might Be Backing Up

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Nothing puts a halt to your home life quite as quickly and thoroughly as issues with your drainage system can. That's why it's important that you be able to get that issue resolved ASAP.

And the quickest way to get your drainage issues resolved comes from having some idea of what could possibly be causing your pipes to back up. With this knowledge, you'll be able to understand potential reasons for your drainage issues, helping to expedite your plumber's work.

If you don't know what those causes could be, then just read on. Our quick guide will fill you in on three of the most common probable causes of issues with your pipes so that you can always get drainage issues resolved ASAP:

You've Put Something Down Your Pipes That You Shouldn't Have

This is one of the most easily avoidable causes of drainage issues. However, ease of avoidance doesn't necessarily equal guaranteed avoidance. It's just too easy: You're cooking and you decide you'll drain the grease down the sink with hot water "just this once." Then you "just this once" once too much, and next thing you know, your sink is backing up all at once.

There are a number of items you need to avoid putting down your sink to avoid a drainage backup: grease, as mentioned above, which most everyone knows (even if they don't practice). Also coffee grounds, eggshells (despite the "drain cleaning" idea), stickers from fruit, and anything with a high fat or oil content.

Your Trees' Roots Have Grown Through Your Drainage Pipes

Though you might not always avoid the above-mentioned cause of backed-up plumbing, you CAN avoid it. You just need to be mindful. On the other, more frustrating hand, you can't do very much to avoid the problem of roots bursting through your drainage pipe. Should that happen, you could be facing a major drainage problem that could need major work.

If your drains are suddenly backing up and you KNOW you haven't put anything but water down the sink, then consider any trees that might be in your yard. If you have a good number of them or some very large trees (or both), then chances are pretty good you might need to direct your plumber to them as a possible reason for the backup.

A Drainage Pipe Has Collapsed

Okay, so your sink has suddenly started backing up. Time to evaluate the situation: You haven't put anything down your sink that might cause a backup. You don't have any trees in your yard maybe. So, what could the cause be? Are you just losing your mind?

Very likely, you aren't. And just as likely, the cause could be the most unavoidable of all: a collapsed pipe. Yes, like anything, your drainage pipes can wear down over time -- and break even. And should your drainage pipe break, resulting in a collapse, that pipe could be rendered unusable, requiring a repair to get it going once more.

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