Residential Plumbing Services in Lake Elsinore, CA

Don’t have just any plumbing contractor work on your home. Contact AM PM Plumbing to work with the most experienced specialists in the South County of Riverside!

AM PM Plumbing - Plumbing Services in Lake Elsinore

Plumbing is one of those things we usually don’t think about it until something goes wrong. Plumbing problems can disrupt your daily life, waste resources, cause property damage, and even create potential danger.

That’s why having a reliable go-to residential plumber can save you from a lot of stress – and we’re the team that you want. At AM PM Plumbing, we provide quality, cost-effective plumbing solutions for homeowners in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Water heater maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Plumbing fixture installation and repair
  • Clogged drain repair and re-piping
  • Professional drain cleaning
  • Slab leak detection and repair
  • Home safety inspection
  • Water softening

Our technicians won't rest until you're happy, and we have the reviews to back that claim!

Should You Get a Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

In general, a storage tank hot water heater can last between 10 to 15 years, while tankless models can work over 20 years before they begin to lose efficiency. Should you have your older unit replaced?

With AM PM Plumbing, we can share our expertise and provide the most cost-effective option. Our technicians account for several factors, including the cost and frequency of repairs, the monthly utility costs, and the unit's efficiency.

Maybe you want to upgrade your hot water tank with a point-of-use water heater? Perhaps you're looking for a model that provides consistent, instant hot water? Whatever your preference, we will recommend a heater that will go above and beyond your expectations.

Does Your Home Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

It might be tempting to pick up a DIY drain cleaner and tackle a clog by yourself, but some cases require professional intervention. What's more, picking the wrong product might damage your plumbing system and make the problem even worse!

Here are some signs that you need one of our professional plumbers to handle your blocked drain:

  • DIY remedies don’t work – When hot water, plunging, or other basic fixes don't work, it might be time to call us for help.
  • Multiple plumbing fixtures are draining slowly – Multi-drain clogs may indicate a problem deep into your pipework, which requires clogged drain repair.
  • Recurring clogging – If you think that you removed a clog, but it comes back after a while, you might not be getting all of it, or it could also be a plumbing system issue.
  • Gurgling sounds – Bubbling in your drains is usually the result of air trapped from a serious build-up that eventually travels back upwards.

Not sure what kind of water heater will work best for your home? Contact us to discuss your options!

Why Choose Us for All Your Plumbing Needs

Every homeowner has to go through the ordeal of finding the right plumber at some point, but we're here to make the process easier. Whatever your needs, from a hot water tank replacement to sewer line repair, we have the experience, know-how, and equipment to provide the best service and results.

When you choose us, you get:

  • Fully-trained, background checked, and drug tested technicians
  • Protective coverings and safety protocols
  • Open communication and regular updates
  • Upfront and honest pricing
  • Generous warranties
  • Timely arrivals

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Whatever your plumbing issue, our team at AM PM Plumbing is here to help. Call us today at 951-553-3882 to schedule plumbing services in Lake Elsinore, CA!